Abbey News April

Abbey News April
Fr Jeffrey Steele

Fr Jeffrey Steele

Message from the Prior

Since our first newsletter. A lot has happened which we would like to share with you. Most importantly our website will be launched simultaneously with your receiving of this newsletter. The design and development of the website is a gift of time and work by Paula Sacco Howse. Once it is up and running the brothers and staff of the Monastery will need to keep it alive and ‘populated’ with news and information, guided in by Brother Alexis Kheta. I am confident in this age of technology and social media that this gift to us will be cherished grown and used to further our purpose and benefit our community and those we work with. Please assist us by providing feedback and sharing the link with others.

This special edition also presents some other out of the ordinary news which we believe deserves special attention.
Enjoy our newsletter and as always we look forward to your advice and suggestions on both its format and its content.

May God bless and keep you always.

Fr Jeffrey Steele OSB

In this newsletter
Fr Thomas arrives to assist and advise;
Bishop requests that Fr Dominic take charge of Motsĕ Maria Parish for 6 months;
Fr Faustus’ welcome return;
Bro Jean Jaques prepares pamphlet on Consecrated Life;
Bro Laurent to spend term assisting with the management of the feeding programme at Doornspruit

Bro Alexis

Bro. Alexis


Bro. Alexis
currently the sub-prior will take responsibility for the monitoring, updating and administration of the website once it is up and running. You will be able to contact Bro. Alexis at:


Fr Thomas



We welcome Fr Thomas back to our community a year after he left us to return to his Monastery of Christ in the Desert and to the Chaplaincy to the Nuns of Our Lady in the Desert.
For Thomas will be spending the next two months assisting and advising the Prior and formation team on the way forward

Fr Dominic

Fr Dominic

Fr Dominic has moved to Motsĕ Maria for a short while as acting Parish Priest following a sudden need.

Fr Dominic will also have the Doornspruit School Hostel Residents under his Pastoral Care.
We wish him every success and are sure he will make a positive contribution to the Parish.
We look forward to frequent visits.

Fr Faustus who has been unwell for a long time and who has been living under medical Supervision at St Joseph’s Hospital Bela Bela. Has returned to the community at Subiaco.
He is comfortably accommodated in the infirmary and is ably assisted by Bro……..
Fr. Faustus was for many years active in parishes throughout the diocese.

Bro Laurent

Bro Laurent


Bro Laurent a Junior in formation, has agreed to assist with the management of the Abbey Hostel Feeding Programme at Doornspruit. He is staying with Fr. Dominic in the Parish Priests’ house.
Bro. Laurent will return to Subiaco in June at the close of the school term.
We wish him well, and we know he will learn a lot and contribute to the programmes’ continued success.

Bro Jean Jeacques

Bro Jean Jacques


Bro Jean Jacques, who comes from the DRC and is about to take his final vows, recently wrote and presented to the Bishop a 14 page document on canon law and consecrated life.